Gyanodaya Gurukul

Gyanodaya Gurukul

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. (New Delhi)

Secretary's Desk

I believe Education is virtually the lifeline of a human being. While, an educated person, usually considered as an asset to the society, sets forth the right path for others to be enlightened, an ignorant person makes the living difficult for others and is regarded as a social liability. Education is simply inevitable for one and all in order to reach at the realm of development.

I proudly acknowledge my immense pleasure to be associated with this acclaimed temple of education, which has initiated its journey towards the proliferation of our proficient lot of student.

We have ceaselessly strives to find answer to the question that keeps reverberating in the mind of every anxious parent, that is, ‘How my child is growing’.

We have presented before all the fruits our strivings, our competent children, who not only excel academically but also enjoy a sound physical and spiritual health.

We appreciate the fact that every child has innate potential and we have been un- relentingly aspiring to provide congenial and encouraging environment for our tiny buds to bloom. After all the future of a nation is created and moulded in the class-rooms.

No one can deny the fact that for a flourishing society the fertilizers are to be added in the initial stages, that is why we are adding the required manures to these siblings who would become the maker’s of a strong nation.

Our children are continuously exploring their rare virtues through our child centered progressive curriculum and well notched up co- curricular activities. They will surely become a boon for family, society, nation and the world as well.

They will not be riddled with distractions but would be focused and successful individuals, which is the main challenge of the time.

The challenge that Gyanodaya Gurukulk had accepted with readiness, dedication and commitment, has started its journey on the path of victory.

Our commitment and mission to install the perennial values, and to provide the best opportunities to our future assets, have started to transpire. From this launch-pad their growth is moving in all the desired directions.

It had been my privilege to serve this esteemed institution which has started producing individuals with calibre and values, who can not only manage themselves but also continue to stretch their arms, to quench the thirst of the human beings who are lost in the dreary deserts of time.

We have definitely started to ascend but still there are miles to go before our endeavours will meet the zenith. Our children will not only be adored by the society but our institution will be accepted as the embellishes of our nations.


Gyanodaya Gurukul, Patna


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